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I’ve bounced back and forth on ideas about today’s posts. I can’t decide about how personal I want to make this blog. I know I want it to be for myself. But I figure people are not that intrigued by my mostly ordinary, not so extraordinaire adventures. Though I do have many stories I will eventually share with you that I’m sure will leave your jaw on the floor.

I don’t want this blog to be just the random rants of a crazy fat woman. What I do want is this to be an open forum for discussion, support, and constructive criticism into the depths of our over weight psyches, and really our life struggles.

And I don’t want to just limit this inward soul searching and analysis to the over weight visitors here in 250 land. I would invite anyone who struggles from diseases’ such as over eating, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, co-dependency, addiction, please join us. Comment, constructively criticize, be honest with us and yourself. Because no one understands crazy like crazy.

And I’m sure at some point we may have to agree to disagree. But what fun would the world be if we didn’t?

So to get discussion started I want to start off by telling you about my, to date, craziest moment.

After consuming about 4 bottles of wine with my equally insane, and pushing the limits of alcoholism, as well best friend. I arrived home at 3 am, crying, on the floor in the hallway of my bedroom. I called my sister, told her I didn’t know how much more I could take of life and my broken heart, and it seemed she instantly arrived on my door step        ( apparently at some point I had passed out against the wall, while still on the phone with her). She, as the phenomenal person she is, drug my fat arse into the kitchen, forced a totinoes pizza down my throat, to soak up the monstrous amount of alcohol in my blood, and then threw me in the bed. That was the day (well the worst one so far) that I hit rock bottom.

Had a hell of a hangover as well

Haven’t drank wine since…seriously

Share with us your crazy moments in comments. Judge free zone. Were all a lil bonkers in 250 land. Lets laugh at each other 🙂


Uhhh, this is NOT me BTW lol